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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Throw a 'Want to get Crafty?' Party

Want to get crafty but don’t know where to start? Add a craft night to your normal get together and leave with something made by you. All supplies and instructions will be provided .

As a hostess, you only need to do a few things:
     1. Pick a night
     2. Invite 5-10 friends
     3. Pick 3 of the following crafts:
       * Organza Flowers (easy)
       * Glass Magnets (moderate)
       * Feather Pens (easy)
       * Wine Charms (easy)
       * Penny Pendants (moderate)
       * Hair Bows (moderate)
       * Glass Etching (difficult) – extra $5 for included vase
       * Cork Trivet (moderate)
       * Craft of the Month
     4. Have fun making crafts with friends!!!

On the evening of the craft, I will set up a few minutes before everyone arrives. All that is needed is a table at which everyone can sit (dining room table works great). I will stay until the crafts are done (~2 hours).

Cost is $20 per person per craft. If 5 people attend, the hostess craft is free.

Contact Dusti at:

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