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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Decorating Sugar Cookies

I attempted to decorate sugar cookies, yet again.  I am inspired every week by The Adventures of Sugarbelle and her wonderful creations.  And with my normal attitude, if she can do it why can't I. 

My conclusion:  decorating cookies should be left for someone who can draw.  This is me drawing a circle and writing letters with a pen - not pretty. 
Why would I be able to do this with icing from a piping bag????

Let me at least say that the recipe I used from Sugarbelle made delicious cookies and icing but you do probably need a little talent to decorate.  I guess that is why some people can charge $4 per cookie.

Sugarbelle has a great recipe for the cookies along with some great helpful hints.

For the royal icing, I also used her recipe, the one for the small amount and still had double what I would need.  I would cut it in half. 

I put almond flavoring in both the cookies and icing and they were delicious.

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