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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Dog Silhouette Cup

There are quite a few passionate dog lovers out there.  I made this cup as a gift for friends who had Dobermans and the shirts below were for my nephews that have a schnauzer.  I found some great clip art that has almost every breed. I would love to make one for my Sadie but she is too much of a mutt to match any of the pictures.

Dog Silhouette Acrylic Tumbler/Cup

Dog Silhouette Onesies

Available on my Etsy shop!!


  1. Fun! I know several dog lovers who would love those products! Thanks for linking up to Cutesy Monday!


  2. oh my gosh... such a gorgeous project... Loved the little tee.. wow!! So cute!

    Thank you for popping by at Colours dekor.. while I was away.. totally made my day!!


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