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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Something for Mommy

One of my daughters has started calling me "mom".  She is 2.5 years old.  Is it bad that I told her I won't listen to her unless she calls me "mommy"?  I want her to be a baby for a little while longer.

I digress, on to the craft...

Don't know if anyone caught Jennifer Lopez in her treble shirt on American Idol a few weeks ago.
I fell in love with the shirt.  Since I am so musically inclined  (haha - 7 years of piano lessons and still play the sheet music that has the notes written in it), I thought I would make one for myself.

Who knew that Hobby Lobby sells sequin ribbon?  I just added some to the collar and made a treble clef from my silhouette with heat transfer material.  Since it is still winter, I used a white long sleeve shirt that I already had but added sequins to the sleeves to pull it up a  little.  I love it!!!

Better than the $240 that J-Lo's shirt supposedly cost.

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  1. Very nice idea. surely try it for my shirt.


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