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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Imitation=Flattery: Wine Cork Letter (Trivet)

What to do with all the wine corks that I collect?  I was sure there was some cute craft out there where I could put them to good use. 

I saw these adorable wine cork trivets

However, they wanted you to sew them together.  Why do that, when you can hot glue them?  I ended up making a K for my 'K Wall'.  Yes, K is a very important letter in our house.

VERDICT:  Very cute and easy.  I think the sewing would be necessary if it was something you were going to use all the time as a trivet.  The hot glue however is perfect for something I'm just hanging on the wall.  And a hint, it looks great if you use wine that was actually in a bottle instead of buying them from a craft store.  It adds so much more color and variation.

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  1. This is great! I am going to make one just liek this, Hopefully, for a friend as a wedding shower gift:) Thanks so much for the great idea, the letter 'K' is becoming very important in her house as well! -Meredith


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