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Thursday, June 9, 2011

And then there I was...

I look at most of my craft blogs through Google Reader. It is so cool to just have to scroll through the posts of the day and then you can click on it if you want to read more.  It is how I almost always spend my lunch break.  Today I'm going through it (pretty quick because I'm busy at work) and this is what I see...

Uh, hello.  That's my blog!! Wow, kind of surreal.  Especially since I am horrible at this blog world thing.  They say you are suppose to post every day - um, no, that is not going to happen.  Also, depending on the week, some crafts get done, some don't.  I am trying to link back to the crafts that I copy imitate to at least give credit where credit is due.  But it is still random and few and far between.

So, one of my most favorite blogs (A girl and a glue gun) has actually seen mine.  Kind of cool.

BTW - my logo was created by a dear friend Brad Rogers who is super creative.  If anyone is interested in using him, just let me know.

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