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Monday, July 18, 2011

Fabric Yo-Yo's

As a complete do-it-yourself geek, I learned how to sew yo-yo’s from Heather Baily’s tutorial online.  There are a million out there just like it you are interested:

I just love some of the projects that you can do with them.  They used to be popular to make quilts, blankets and pillows with.  I personally love the unique projects that you can do with them.

 Hair ties, thumbtacks, buttons, bracelets, and emblishments.   Just checkout Sew Mama Sew’s flickr pictures of all the options.

I have used them as an embellishment on a shirt for me, that I wear all the time and always get comments on.

And on one for my girls. 

I cheated and went - no sew.  I purchased the yo-yo’s from a girl on etsy who makes and sells them in color batches.  So much easier than sewing yourself.  And then I just used fabric glue to glue them to the shirt.  2 hints:  make sure you put a piece of paper between the shirt when you are glueing the yo-yo’s on or you will glue the shirt together.  Use a decent amount of glue.  2nd, wash the shirt inside out.  I have probably washed my shirt 10-12 times and not one of them has fallen off.  It has been great.
I have a few leftover so I’ll be making thumbtacks next like, Amanda did in her blog.

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