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Monday, July 18, 2011

Launching My Etsy Shop!!!!!

Am I ready for this? I think launching my Etsy shop is kind of like deciding to have children, you will never know for sure when you are ready but you just have to go ahead and do it. So here it is, my etsy shop.   I love doing a variety of crafts but for selling items to other people, I needed to limit it to the items that I can do well and I enjoy making repeatedly.  Here are the items I am offering:

  • Picture Pendant Necklaces - $13

  • Personalized Cups - $15

  • Personalized Stationary - $15 for 10

  • Chalkboard Shirts - $15

  • Personalized shirts or onesises - $13

  • Hooded Towels - $21 

  • Check out descriptions of each on the For Sale page. If you want to save a little bit of money, you are also able to purchase items directly from this blog.  Just use the Paypal gadget in the right toolbar and detail your order in the description.

    Thanks and happy

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