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Monday, July 25, 2011

Imitation=Flattery: Wall Clock

Have you ever gone looking for a large wall clock?  They are expensive.  Even shopping at places like Ross and TJMaxx which I typically go to, they are still $60-$120.  Way more than I was wanting to spend but I desperately wanted a clock in the living room so I didn’t have to keep looking at the oven clock two rooms away.  I saw a great clock on pinterest (my  newest addiction) and thought – I can do that.  Are you surprised?
$25 dollars later, I have a clock that I love.  I thought instead of having all the numbers, that large quarterly ones would make it look cleaner.  I found everything at Jo-Ann fabrics so with my 40% off coupon, it was super cheap.  I spray painted the numbers Rusteloeum’s Rubbed Oil Bronze which matches a vase in the room so I thought it coordinated well. 

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