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Monday, September 19, 2011

Burlap Wreath - Pinterest Inspired

Who doesn't love pinterest?  I saw the following burlap wreath and knew I had to have it. 

However, at $45 dollars, I thought I should first attempt to make it myself.
Burlap Wreath

 - straw wreath (you could do Styrofoam but straw is cheaper)
 - 1.5 yards of burlap
 - straight pins
  • I first took about a 2" strip of burlap and wrapped the wreath.  I secured it with a straight pin.  Glue would have worked fine but I didn't want to deal with the mess
  • I then took about a 4" strip and folded it lengthwise and started pinning it in squiggles.  Really hard to explain and I did it probably 3-4 times until I got the look I wanted.  I had 2 layers of squiggles.  One on the front and then one more towards the outside. 
If I were to do it again, I would probably use glue (hot glue or E6000 would work great)

I used fall colored tulle and just made a loop bow and glued that onto the wreath.  The K is painted in my favorite spray paint - Rub Oiled Bronze.

I love it and it probably only cost me about $9 and 1 hour of time.

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