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Monday, September 26, 2011

Making Leather Bracelets

Ok, this a few weeks ago, the Today show Jill’s Steals had these awesome bracelets

Mon Ami Shamballah Bracelets


The deal was for $29 but they were originally around $80 each.  I have seen leather bracelets around every where and of course there are quite a few blog posts on how to make them.

However, I couldn’t find anywhere how to make these with the braiding in between until I found this post about macramĂ©.  So I trotted off to Michael’s to pick up some beads and cording and went to work.  I did mine with 4 braids (1 to the right, 1 to the left, 1 to the right, 1 to the left) the way the picture shows it would actually only be 2 of the entire steps. Then would add a bead.  I also, only used 3 strands because my bead wouldn’t fit over 2 strands.  It worked out perfectly.
Leather Bead Braclets

What do you think?  I am loving them and love the fact that all of these together cost me less than $20.


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  2. oh my gosh.. thats sooooooooooooo gorgeous!! Totally loved it..

  3. Oh cool! I really like those! I've been wondering how to make those and than after looking at the macrame post, I realized I've made those before with hemp. Duh! Thanks, I'm going to go find me some leather and some great beads and have some fun. :)


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