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Monday, February 6, 2012

T-shirt: Chiffon Ruffle

This tank was probably one of my first embellishments.  I started with strips of chiffon/organza.  At first I started using fabric glue to attach it to the tank top but you can see it through the fabric.  So I got out the sewing machine and just sewed down the middle of the ruffles.

  • Tank top
  • Organza/Chiffon Fabric - cut in strips
  • Sewing Machine or needle & thread
  • <15 minutes
  • Zero - it is no pattern or order and there are times that I even sewed off the organza.
The only thing to note is that if it is a really stretchy tank top, sewing this will make it not as stretchy so you may want to gather it to allow some give.

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