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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Purple Soled Shoes

Rachael Ray’s magazine for March 2012 had an article about spray painting the soles of your shoes.  I always loved Oprah red soled shoes and I obviously am not going to be able to afford a pair of Christian Louboutin heels at $625 a pop.  And do you have to coordinate with it?  Do you have to wear the same shade of red?

So this article said you can spray the bottom of your shoes.  Why not?  If you mess it up, you can still wear the shoes, I mean it is only on the bottom.  So I tried it and think they are adorable.  I haven’t worn them yet and I’m sure it will wear off but I assume the ones you buy will wear off also.  I am definitely doing red next time.  I just did purple because that is what I had in my garage.  I think hot pink would also be fun.
Purple Soled Spray Painted Shoes

 I love them.

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