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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Repost: Halloween Feather Boa Wreath

Did almost an entire month just disappear? Sorry for my absence, I have been super busy at work and so every time I sit at the computer, I get sucked into work and never make it to post.

Here is my favorite wreath that I made at the end of last year when there were feather boas on sale. I'm surprised how much boas can be. Definitely try to use a coupon or Oriental Trading has some that are fairly cheap (never ordered them so don't know quality).

- Wood Wreath - $1 (got it at the dollar store)
- 2 Feather Boas - $10 (used coupons)
- 3 plastic pumpkins - $1 (got a set last year after Halloween at the Dollar Store)

I wrapped the boa around the wreath and secured with a drop of glue. You will want to try to glue the pumpkins to the wreath because if it is just glued to the boa's they will droop.

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