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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Welcome 2014...where did 2013 go?

I can't believe it has been a year since I blogged.  2013 was a very busy year for our family.  I had decided to get more involved so took on some additional commitments that didn't leave much time for my crafts.  As a recap...
  • Joined a women's bible study  - it had been a long time since I focused on the bible and I am loving this new group of women that I have met.  Tuesday nights have become an amazing night to reflect on Christ and how to bring him more into our lives
  • Coached Pre-K soccer team - this is amusing considering I am the person who has never played a sport.  Luckily at that age, I only have to lead the kids in the correct direction to do my job.
  • Book Fair Chair - my kids started Kindergarten in the fall and I started volunteering with a bang.  I became the Book Fair chair for the PTA right off the bat and had my first fair of the year 3 weeks after school started.  A little hectic especially since I was still figuring out where the library was at that time.
  • Kindergarten Sunday School - we have been members of our church for a few years (getting to that point is a whole other story) but we needed to get more involved.  My girls class needed a shepherd so decided to start there.
  • Trained for an 8 mile race - I ran the Turkey trot 8  mile this year which is the farthest I have run.  I realized a few things: First, I am glad 3 years ago that I decided to start running.  It is great exercise and gets me outside more.  Second, I am not ever going to consider myself a runner.  I have no desire to go faster or farther than what I have done.  I used to consider doing a half or full marathon but don't think I would even enjoy it.  It is fun for the exercise and I enjoy that part but that is about all.
So, for 2014, what am I thinking of doing.  I would like to refocus on my blog and Etsy shop .  I love my new work schedule to where I can drop off and pick up the girls 4 days a week. It means so much to spend time with them when they still love me (expecting this to change when they hit the teens).

I have a few ideas for some new blog posts and will need to go through the things that I did last year to show you.  As before, I will share my crafts, yummy food that I make for my family and  I will probably add some of my pins from my addicting Pinterest boards along with my thoughts and opinions. 

Stay tuned...

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