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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Crafty Love: TuTu Bags

This last summer we went to Grapefest in Grapevine, TX.  We take the girls and they go on rides, we drink some wine and everyone has fun.  We met our neighbors out there and had fun looking at all the crafts for sale.  We came across some cute bags and both thought “we can do that”.  Hence our TuTu Bags.
tutu bag
TuTu Bag
 Ballerina Bag

These were so easy, even for someone with minimal sewing experience.

-        Canvas Bag
-        Tulle (2-3 different colors)
-        Ribbon
-        Sewing Machine & Thread
-        Straight Pins
-        Embroidery or Heat Transfer for Monogram

Steps (we were drinking wine while we did this so didn’t think to take pictures of all steps):

  •  Pin the tulle to the front of the bag in a straight line.  We took the first color and looped leaving spaces between then and then filled the other colors in.  So really only cut the beginning and end of the tulle
    •   Make sure you don’t pin to the other side of the bag
  • Sew the tulle on the bag (again making sure you are only sewing on the front of the bag).  Trim were needed
  • Pin the ribbon to the bag on top of the tulle – we put the ribbon all away around the bag and it looked really good.  Make this as straight as possible and it can correct any crookedness of the tulle
  •   Sew the top and bottom of the ribbon to the bag – the bottom seam has to be on the tulle, the top one does not matter
  • Monogram – my girlfriend had hers embroidered, I used my awesome Silhouette and heat transferred it.

So cute!!!!
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