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Friday, February 14, 2014

Crafty Love: Valentine's Handprint

I love creating keepsakes of my girls.  They will only be small once and they are already growing up so fast.  We did this fun craft the other day after school.

kids handprint heart

 - Canvas (any size)
 - acrylic or tempera paint - 2 colors
 - paper cut in a heart
  - paint brush - I used the Styrofoam type

I cut a paper to a heart and taped it on the canvas.  My kids are old enough that they knew to just press down and up.  If you have younger kids, you may want to make a heart out of sticky paper or use spray glue to temporarily glue the paper to the canvas.  I poured some paint onto paper plates and then painted their hands with a paint brush.  Each girl had a color and I wrote their names at the bottom in the color they used.  I removed the heart paper when the paint was still wet as I didn't want anything to bleed or stick.  I wrote the year on the back so I could remember.

Love how it turned out.

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