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Friday, March 14, 2014

Favorite Things: Skin Regimin

It seems like overnight I went from the person who used soap and water at night to someone who now spends 10 minutes slathering on various creams and lotions.  I don't know if I can see a difference buy  my skin does feel better than it has.

The first things I started (for the 100th time) was Retin-A.  I have tried this a few times but reaching 40, I asked the dermatologist the number 1 thing that I should do and he said this.  So here I go again.  I hate that I peel some when using it but I mix it with moisturizer and it isn't that bad.

Second was my eyes - I have horrible wrinkles under my eyes and I am sure I should have done some preventative measures but now I'm trying to minimize them (even if just the appearance).  In the morning I put on L'oreal Revitalift.  It has a cream of under the eye and the eyelid.
L'Oreal Paris Revitalift Double Eye Lift, Upper Eye Lifting Gel & Under Eye Anti-Wrinkle Cream - .5 fl oz
At night, I have been using Prevage.  For the cost, it better be working.

I also went to Sephora and got their brand concealer. I LOVE it.  It is light but doesn't come off easily.  I use it under my eyes and on blemishes.SEPHORA COLLECTION - 8 HR Wear Perfect Cover Concealer
I probably should have taken before and after pictures as most of these products claim to have results in a certain amount of days.  Not sure if I get all the hype but hopefully it will at least prevent future wrinkles.  BOTOX anyone???

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