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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Crafty Love: Big Girls Room

This fall we updated their room to be a big girl room since they were entering Kindergarten.  They got to pick the bedding and we added bright colors for their elementary times.  I typically don't buy Pottery Barn because it is a little pricey for kids who still destroy things but they were so cute that I buckled. Luckily, they still wanted to stay in the same room which means I still have my office and craft room.

We bought some storage beds from Target and positioned them against the wall so they would have more floor space.
We made a fun LOVE sign out of tulle and painted paisleys on the wall in the bright colors to match the bedding. To gather the tulle, I just used a needle and string through the center and pulled on it to gather it.  Then it is just hot glued into place to form the letters.  I had to cut some of them so the letters were more defined as the tulle was thicker than I needed.

 I had gone to Canton First Monday (my favorite place) and seen these cork boards and chalk boards with boas around it being sold for $15-$20.  I already had the chalkboard and corkboards so just went and got some cheap boas at Hobby Lobby and glued them around the frame.  So cute.
 They wanted to keep their dollhouse that they never play with.  The art on the wall is also from Hobby Lobby and I let them pick it out.
 I had some shelves sitting in my closet so I painted them white and was able to paint some frames and put some fun things on them.  I love the tissue balls and globes that I hung above each of their beds.  It adds a whimsical feel.

So with a lot of paint and things I already had, the room ended up not being as large of a project as I expected and I love how it turned out. The girls love showing it off to all of their friends and they tend to spend more time in it now.

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