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Monday, October 29, 2012

Pumpkin and Ghost Wine Bottles

pumkin and ghost wine bottles

Sad to admit, but I always have some empty wine bottles around for crafts.  I had seen this cute craft in Women's Day magazine a while ago and thought I would try them out.  I took 2 bottles from my stash and spray painted one white and the other with Orange Glitter Blast (which I love).  I cut out shapes on my silhouette from images I found on the Internet onto black vinyl.    I didn't remove the labels from the wine bottles because that would have taken too long and the spray paint covers most of them.  I will say they would look a little better if they were removed but this was a cute simple and inexpensive craft.  They are on my wine cooler in front of my chalkboard wine bottles that I still love.


  1. Where did you get glitter spray paint?

  2. I got it at Jo-Ann's but have also seen a new one at Home Depot


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