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Monday, June 27, 2011

Imitation=Flattery: Ballard Design Knock Off -Paint Chip Art

With the recent painting of a few rooms, I have been concentrating on accessorizing the house.  I've looked for something to add height to our tall ceilings.  However, sometimes you just can't find the right item.  I saw the paint chip mosaic on a blog and decided to try it myself with colors that matched my room.  I love it.  It is on our hutch and fits perfectly.  The original is a knock off from Ballard Design which I absolutely love.  However, having someone explain how to do it like on Hope Studios sure does make it easier to replicate.  I added some gold shimmer to the ending mod podge to give it a little shine.

It took quite a bit of time but the end result is great.  It is the exact colors and size I was looking for.  Sometimes it pays to make it yourself.


  1. It's lovely...and it ALWAYS pays to make it yourself!! Well done you!!

  2. I like the gold shimmer you added! It turned out so great and I'm so happy you shared it with me!



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