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Monday, August 1, 2011


My hopefully soon to be sister-in-law (not engaged just yet) is determined to learn how to make big decorative hair bows.  She buys the most adorable ones for my girls and says that she pays so much that she has to be able to make them herself.  I have attempted many types of bows but with her mentioning it, I thought I would try my hand a few a few more types.
A few great websites are:
Balloon bows.  I made these up myself 
Take 10 of the balloon animal balloons (the long skinny ones) and tie them in knots to the hair clips.  These will not work with the alligator clips, only the French barrettes.

My fourth of July bows, I used the tutorial from: 
I didn’t use both layers of bows but like how they turned out.

The next 2 are just glueing on accessories that I got from Posh N Pretty onto hair clips.  I love all their fun stuff.  So great for little girls.

I thought this one was fun and sassy with the feather and rhinestone.

So the girls now have more than enough bows.


  1. Oh for cute! I'm crushing on those water balloon bows -- so bright and colorful! Love 'em!

  2. How fun are those balloon bows for summer? Hope you'll be back this week!


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