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Monday, May 21, 2012

Easy Hair Bows

I had some fun making bows for the girls last weekend.  I bought all the amazing ribbon from Ribbon Unlimited on Etsy.  I always buy way more than I need to.

The grey bow is just a simple boutique bow.  You can get instructions from Girly Things
Boutique Hair Bow

 I have made corker bows before where I created the corkers by putting them in the oven.  It is so cute that the ribbon will curl that way and hold.  However, I bought this ribbon already curled and just turned in into 2 hair bows.  You can see a great tutorial on Think Boutique
Corker Hair Bow
Next I'm going to make a cute layered summer bow.  I got some adorable ribbon that I can't wait to use.  I now have so much ribbon that they wouldn't fit in my 2 containers anymore.  Next week I'll post on how I organized them.

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