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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Favorite Things: Neato Vacuum

We have 2 big dogs.  Both shed a TON.  When we got our new puppy this summer, I honestly thought adding another dog would not increase the amount of hair that much.  With the new dog being a husky mix, the increase of hair has been exponential.  I used to have a Roomba a long time ago but it broke.  I decided to purchase a new robot vacuum and after reading reviews, decided to get a Neato.  I like the fact that is actually a vacuum that collects hair and dust vs the Roomba that is more of a Swiffer.  It is SUPER noisy but is my new love.  I turn it on 3 times a week and the hair “disappears”.  How Great!!!

I got mine at Costco and thought it was a good deal.
Neato Robotics™ Pet Series Robotic All-Floor Vacuum
Neato Vacuum from Costco


I do not receive monetary compensation for my review of this product. It represents the opinion based on  personal use and results.  This product was purchased by me and not received free.  My opinion of a product will not change if I receive it for free or with a discount for reviewing it (but that would be awesome).

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