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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Crafty Love: Pony-Os

I have been making the girl hairbows for quite some time.  I don’t do the real elaborate ones but I like having ones that match their outfits.  Some of the great tutorials are found on TheRibbon Retreat  and Girly Things 

My girls don’t wear bows as often but they do wear these pony tail holders.  I made a set for the soccer team and then also created some for their first day of Kindergarten.  So fun and simple.  Here are the instructions from the RibbonRetreat that I used:

Supplies & Tools
Lighter or Wood-Burning Tool
Pony O’s
Hi-Temp Glue Gun
Needle and thread (ready to go) is a great place to purchase ribbon.

1.      Determine how many tails you want in your Pony O. Then you need to determine what sizes you’d like to use. Here I have used a 1 ½” ribbon, a 7/8” ribbon, and a 3/8” ribbon. You can have these be as long or as short as you’d like. For this demonstration, the pieces of ribbon are 20” each. You may also have them vary in size. For example, have one be 20”, one 19”, and one 18”.
2.      You can cut the tails any way you’d like, but for this example I’ve cut them in a “V” cut. Seal the ribbon ends.
3.      Put all the ribbons together.
4.      Fold the ribbon in half with the wrong sides of the ribbon touching.
5.      Take the top part of the fold in one of your hands and hold tightly together.
6.      Take your needle and thread through the underside of the ribbon – in between the fold.
7.      Take the needle all the way through and pull until the knot stops at the back.
8.      Unfold the ribbon and lay flat, with the right side face up. Hold tightly in the center with your fingers.
9.      With your LEFT hand (if you’re Right-Handed ☺), hold the ribbon tightly. With your RIGHT hand take the thread around the top of the ribbon and towards the back. Pull the thread tightly with your right hand.
10.   Take the thread all the way around and pull, cinching the ribbon tightly in the center. Take the thread around the center quite a few times until you feel comfortable that it is secure and there is no more “give” to the thread. You will become better at this the more you practice.
11.   Now you’ll need the Pony O. Use whatever color you’d like. Also, a lot of teams can’t use the Pony O’s with the metal on them. You can find “No Metal” Pony O’s at most department stores.
12.   Turn the ribbon over to the back and place the Pony O directly on top of the ribbon – directly over the thread. The “streamers” will be going towards the left and the right.
13.   Take the thread around the center of the “streamer” and the Pony O as shown. You won’t actually poke the needle through the center of the Pony O. Just take the thread around the center. If you run out of thread, just tie it off and re-load your needle with more thread.
14.   After you are comfortable with the tightness and feel like it is secure, take up a couple of stitches through the Pony O as shown. Then tie a knot and cut your thread.
15.   This is what it should look like so far from the back.
16.   Turn it over, and this is what the top should look like.
17.   Now take a piece of ribbon and cut it at 1 ½”. Seal the edges. This will be used to cover the stitching.
18.   Turn the Pony O over to the back and place a dab of glue on top of the thread.
19.   Take one end of the piece of ribbon and place down onto the glue.
20.   Wrap the ribbon around the center.
21.   Continue to the back.

22.   Place a dab of glue in the center. Take the remaining piece and place on top of the glue. 

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