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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Spray Painted Shoes

Who would have thought?  Spray painting shoes...Do you remember when I sprayed the soles of my shoes here?  I decided to go for the whole shoe this time.  I did these for our family photos. I couldn't find kid shoes and women shoes in the same color. I wanted pink to coordinate with the outfits so I just decided to spray paint some older ones that we had in the closet.

  • Tape up all items that you don't want sprayed.
  • Put something in the shoe so it doesn't get sprayed
  • Prime!!!!
  • Spray paint - learn from me.  Get far away and do many small coats.  Spray paint doesn't seem to dry on leather (or pleather) as well as other surfaces you may be used to.
Spray Painted Shoes Spray Painted Shoes

They turned out perfect.
Spray Painted Shoes

I have worn mine a few more times and they have started to crack a little bit.  Not enough for anyone else to notice but I will probably eventually have to hit them with another coat of spray paint.

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